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There are many instances in my flea market and thrifting ventures that I see things that I cannot make work in my own home but I know that someone else would love them. Betsy and I started this blog more than two years ago with the intent for one or both of us to have a brick and mortar store of our own. Right now I still hold that goal close.

This is just a tiny step in that direction.

the estate of things chooses the estate sale etsy shop

You may have already noticed that we added a link on the right side of the screen to an Etsy shop! It’s fittingly called the Estate Sale. We also have a link setup to the Estate Sale on TEOT’s Facebook page, have you dropped by to see what is at the Estate Sale yet?

I only have a few things added but I hope to grow and plan to do so. Meanwhile how about those lamps, they are in the shop.

the estate of things chooses vintage ceramic lamps

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