weekendI’m really trying to talk my husband in to letting my Dad mow down all of this overgrown business in our backyard. It’s a hodgepodge of kudzu, dogwood trees lost to ivy and bushes that became trees. And guess what–success! Conditional agreement= we can only mow down the left side. I probably should’ve secured a written contractual agreement.

Betsy is hitting up the third of a triple header of weddings this weekend, so she won’t be smelling the roses.

Once I properly clear the yard, this garden shed would be absolutely perfect

I live in the land of golf, Pinehurst is getting ready to host two U.S. Open tournaments. It brings an extra 40,000 people in to a small village town. It’s totes cray so this was a fun little list for locals.

Making fun of trendy restaurants, clearly not specific to Austin

The perfect pair of cutoffs, to buy or to DIY with Mom jeans

People clearly want their Reading Rainbow back, I know I do. Just to be clear we’re getting the app not the show.

Listening to this on repeat,

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  • I want a garden shed soo bad. I’ve been trying to figure it out for our backyard too.

  • Also, there should be a law against paying $200 for cutoff shorts… Man – DIY that for sure.

  • I don’t know if I told you when we were at the beach, but I’m getting the Reading Rainbow subscription for my class this coming year. It’s AWESOME.

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