David Harbour Does Houseplants the Right Way

Dan and I are the type of parents that gave in and let our children watch Stranger Things, at an age some parents might say is too young. But  it is such a powerful adage to our 80s youth, and we had to share.

A friend and fellow design lover told me that AD had a video series called Open Door and that David Harbour’s NYC loft was in the mix. I had to check it out and between the floor to ceiling bookcases, the French range and the house plants, it didn’t disappoint.

Harbour creates his own jungle and if you want your house plant game to be at his level…

… then stop in to our Southern Pines shop and get some help from our resident vendor, The Modern Planter. They’ve got all the philos, succulents and pothos you’ll need to make it happen.

Here, watch the video, and enjoy an unexpected dive into Chief Hopper’s digs.

And now a quick word from our sponsors!

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