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We’ll be tuning in for Sunday’s finale of The JinxIf you too are into sociopaths and modern culture, you may enjoy this read from Grantland about Robert Durst and our fascination with the villain. The part that really hit the nail on the head for me was identifying a “charisma that comes from being freed from the bondage of empathy.”

Betsy will be out in the wild on a soccer safari with Heffe and his kids, enjoying the scenery and observing the wildlife that are soccermoms, as they compete with one another in the wide desert.

Beyond that adventure she’s hoping for a moment to go check out Teot’s soul sister store, Lost & Found. Or, the dude should take her out for oysters and bloody marys at the Hungry Cat.

Some parts of the country are waking up from winter’s slumber and that means garden time, check out this serious gardener’s list of March garden chores, she does this for every month so go get your marching orders.

Looks like 75 degrees in NC, there are rumblings of Sarah going to the Raleigh flea market this weekend.

Come see us next week–to check out more house hunting in LA with Betsy and Heffe and to check in on the Bennett kitchen project.Thanks for playing,


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