The Classic Cocktail

I’m really digging these classic cocktail bars that I’ve visited lately. As a result, I discovered recently that I am indeed a fan of Gin. Having perhaps only ever sniffed from a bottle of Bombay, or been offered a sip of a terribly mixed DIY martini – I was unaware of the sophistication of its flavor and how possible it was to be delicious.

I’m also a new found fan of absinthe…. not mostly because of its licorice flavor or the savoir fare for which its preparation entails…… but mostly b/c of these beautiful beasts of dripper contrapments that were stashed all over Peche, where Bregan took me the other night.

So, since I’m at SXSW and super slammed hanging out with bands, I’m leaving you with booze and tunes instead of home decor… ! (tune in to watch The Middle East – where I’m currently sitting in-studio)…

The Estate of Things chooses Peche classic cocktail lounge in Austin Texas


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