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I celebrated my 33rd birthday this weekend! Heffe threw a whole train tour together for us and even contacted various friends to meet up on each of our stops for drinks and dinners! I’m deeply grateful to him for making an adventure for us.

Each year, I try desperately to put my finger on how I feel about a birthday! I DO feel that it is worth celebrating, I just want to celebrate it by doing something awesome and understated – something that I’d love to do anytime of the year. I don’t want cakes and candles and parties as much as I just want a solid adventure, and to see somethin new… and be so busy playing that i FORGET I’m racking up another number.

My piece about my weekend train adventures posted on LA Mag today. Please run over and have a little look. It mostly looks like the picture below, but there are also some flowery pretty words about my affection for train traveling and my tendency to wax poetic and there is an Instagram video that I made!!


Here are a few more shots from the travels. More on my Instagramssss.


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