Speaking of Pink

I really enjoyed Sarah’s post about the Pink Phoebe Howard room. It had me thinking about Pink and considering what my ultimate feelings are towards this color. As usual, I can’t quite grasp how I feel about our relationship and so now I’m on a journey of discovery. Each room pink will beg the question, do you love me!?

We will start with this one.

The Estate of THings chooses Abigail Ahern Hot Pink and Gray

This image caught my eye at a mere 30×30 pixel thumbnail on a website where Bromeliad had pinged our DIY napkin pillow post… (Thanks Brom). And it spit me out here on this Abigail Ahern website. That’s the journey of how we met.

It was a pretty instantaneous intrigue. I am drawn to glossy painted furniture like birds are drawn to shiny things. And I’m really thinking that this uber pink on top of the charcoal gray will fit into my idea of what pretty is. So, if this pink were a boy in the subway, I’d maybe have a little fantasy about our life together.

But ultimately, I think we’d break up. He’s too bold for me, too sophisticated, to shiny. Maybe I couldn’t really be myself around him.

What do you think about this pink?

The Estate of Things chooses Abigail Ahern THe Estate of Things chooses Abigail Ahern

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