Baby Girl’s Nursery Progress

Sorry about my absence this week, I’ve been trying to get around to photographing the cottage kitchen and doing a lot of other things.

These are the images that are influencing the nursery design,

Barry Dixon House Beautiful pink and brown

Gah Barry you killed me with this. That Paule Marrot print was on sale at the Well Appointed House recently and it would’ve been the perfect capstone for Baby Girl’s room but I couldn’t fork over the duckets required. The rug in this room is a natural fiber with a custom pink band around the perimeter polished off with some nailheads. My Mom gave me a round jute rug for the nursery and I’m wondering if I could get the local carpet place to hook me up with this? Definitely worth asking.

Smith Hanes pink beige bedroom

Clearly I’ve settled on a pink and gold/tan/beige scheme. I was up in the air in a previous post.

bench girl nursery

studiobon nursery bench

I’d like to put an inexpensive bench with casters that will also serve as storage under the windows

nathan turner Domino nursery
with an upholstered cushion and pillow menagerie a la Nathan Turner

ikea bookshelf over window

I’m also thinking about framing the crib in bookshelves for additional storage, IKEA would most likely be the source for the shelving. The closet is short and tiny in this room so we need some more places to stash some stuff away in baskets. The crib is 54″ wide and a full size bed is roughly 58″ so I would make sure that the opening was wide enough to accommodate a bed in the future.

little auggie simple tailored crib skirt

a simple, tailored crib skirt like this would be pretty alright.

A few other sure things,

bentwood cane stool etsy

image via estate eclectic

Betsy is either shipping a bentwood stool to me or carrying that thing on to a plane, either way its coming and will sit next to the Nurseryworks Sleepytime rocker from DC’s room.

Baby Giraffe No 5 Sharon Montrose

Sharon Montrose

hadley hutton spotted owl print

Hadley Hutton

carnival wheel print Sarah Giannobile etsy

Sarah Giannobile

striped linen pink fabric Avenue 55 etsy

Avenue 55

Global Weave block print Purl Soho

Global Weave, Purl Soho

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  • I like on the first photo, how wallpaper was used in the two nooks. The color chosen oddly doesn’t match anything else, but by it not matching makes it pop more. I feel if the items in the room matched those panels, the depth it provides would be lost. Good article, thanks for posting.

  • Oh my goodness, it’s going to be so pretty–and chic and efficient and just awesome. Love the color scheme and your fabric and art choices!

  • Pretty. Love the photos, especially the first one. What are you doing about window treatments? I’m finally getting around to my daughters room (currently practical, but hideous roller shades) and am struggling. Curtains seem too much for the room, which is not very big, but it needs a bit of softness. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do custom roman shades, but I don’t wanna.

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