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One of the most necessary repairs at my old house was the replacement of the front door. It was a charming and original dutch door but it was deteriorated, it had a ton of mismatch hardware on the interior, cracked window panes and the icing was a storm door put on maybe in the 90s.

sarah old front doorIt was a love/hate relationship with the door but it’s antique charm couldn’t compensate for the fact that we couldn’t even use it– it’s a good thing we had three other doors to choose from.

I decided early on that I wanted to change the top transom to a rectangular shape rather than the existing half circle. After ordering a door from Tucker for the Grout Cottage project I decided both this new door from them as well.

I needed a little inspiration and after combing through and pinning so many doors I landed on this home designed by LA designer collaborative Commune. The exterior trim went perfectly with the door and sidelights that I chose.

commune door

commune door2So after deciding on a design, the big day came when the crew pulled that old door out and made a giant hole in the living room for a few hours. The replacement on the interior and exterior took about two days.

sarah house new door

sarah house front door2

new door almost finishedShortly after completion,

sarah house front door finishedAnd a longer view,

sarah house front finished2So I’m happy, what a difference we felt once we could walk out the front door again. What do you think?

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  • It looks lovely Sarah. Shame that all these beautiful changes are happening as you are LEAVING this pretty home!!

    Also, COMMUNE is the same design company that was behind the totally trendy choices of the ACE Hotel! Did you already know that?
    Probably did. I’ve been keeping my eye on them since I learned that.

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