We Got A Camper

Remember that one time that I got a wild hair and started cruising the countryside for a vintage shasta camper? It’s an old affection, here is a picture of me at age 4, having a bucket bath in front of my Dad’s old 68 Airflyte. In 2008, my dad and I bought a similar camper in NC and started a major renovation. Just as it was getting close to the fun interior decor part though, I packed up and moved to LA.

BUT… it has happened again.


On Memorial Day Weekend, I started getting in Heffe’s ear about this old dream of mine, and within one week, he made it happen. Dude is the BEST.

This is a very serious hobby for me to have enlisted him for. Renovating a moving trailer that is over 50 years old takes some serious research, tools and space. There is a cult following for this particular style so you can certainly spend a ton of time reading through some oldschoolers internet forums. But I’m so glad that he is as geeked as I am to get our sleeves rolled up. He has to do all the hard part. I just have to cruise the internet for pictures like this.

I feel like every girl that writes up or reads an interior design blog might like to fantasize about their inner gypsy riding off into the sunset on route 66 in a perfectly appointed camper trailer…. (I’m not judging, I named this alter ego part of me Gypsy Von Shasta), but there really aren’t that many inspirational images of flips in the style that I’m after. Keep your eyes peeled, and if you see anything awesome, let me know. I’ve purchased a couple books and they too have left me wantin’ more. Do check out the MyCool empire… there is definitely some eye-candy on the pages there.

Meanwhile, this is by far the best example of a style that I’d like to emulate. It’s an old short bus that was converted by architect Will Winkelman. Get the full scoop on his portfolio.

It is bound to take years before we are ever, if ever we are close to that kind of style. Especially starting off this derelict. At any rate, this new girl is the BEST shape that I could have stumbled upon, and luckily the Dude was #intoit. So, check it out, here are some before pics. You can follow along on the VINTAGESHASTACAMPER.com blog if you want to see a routine delivery of ugly pictures and details about trailer vents, wiring and licensing issues. Or, if you prefer to stick to the pretty stuff, follow my Pinterest board here… http://pinterest.com/betsymoyer/gypsy-von-shasta/

Lastly, Heffe’s kids and I got into a bit of an iMovie iPad app addiction the same weekend that we visited the new Shasta, so this happened too! Enjoy!

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