Latest Obsession – Vintage Shasta Camper Trailer

BJ and the first Shasta
This is a baby Betsy in the early 80s.

I’m in the market for a Vintage Camper Trailer.

I got this insane idea that I needed one immediately and got to work bidding on Ebay yesterday. I haven’t won any auctions yet. I’m trying to slow my roll, do a little research and hopefully I will stumble upon the perfect camper trailer for me.

The Shasta is my object of desire.  There are many leftover 1950s, 60s & 70s models out there and they have all of the character a girl could ever ask out of a mobile home including Wings… Specifically, there is this 13ft model that is light enough for me to pull with little effort.

You can imagine the fantasies playing in my mind for renovating an interior and setting up a little homey home for me and my Newfoundland, Pollock that I can take on the road. I’m thinking that an epic 4 month cross country tour of the National Parks is in my near future. If not that, then a few good weekend trips here and there.

What’s better than a home that I can take with me on the road? I can’t wait to be a gypsy. I want to be a gypsy!!

Here are a few different Exterior & Interior Shots of on-the-market Shasta Camper Trailers that I’ve been salivating over. Do you think that I will be able to make this a reality?

The Estate of Things chooses Vintage Shasta Camper Trailer


We made this a reality, two times. It’s funny to think that back in 2009, these were the best examples I could find in my online research. My dad and I ended up taking to the country roads around my small hometown of Hickory, NC and we found a 1968 Shasta Compact in an old field. It’s pictured below.

These days, there are tons of camper renovations available online, and lots of sweet Airbnb options for a weekend getaway. There are also some wonderful Instagram accounts to follow. I am documenting the best of what I stumble upon on Pinterest.

Here is a snap of the 13foot baby that I got soon after this post and a snap of the 16foot ‘canned-ham’ that I got my hands on with the dude, here in Los Angeles. Both are in the slow process of receiving their renovation.

vintage shasta camper betsy moyer

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  • right now i’m camping in by original 1968 winged shasta on the outer beach theodore rossevelt park montauk ny. the only camper on the beach. it doesn’t get much better. maybe only with a south east swell with offshore winds…. keep me updated! aloha

  • Big Ed…… Yay!! Mine is a 1968 too, but its not ready for the beach just yet – hopefully by July. Enjoy the surf!

  • Hey Chris.
    I would love to have chosen a 61. I love the Canned Ham style. But I jumped on the first opportunity. I just camped in it for the first time last week, but I still have a lot of work to do before she’s complete.
    Checking out your videos now, thanks for stopping by.

  • I would love to see more pictures of what you guys have been doing with your trailers. I recently got a 1968 Shasta Compact (13 ft) and started to take things apart… labeling and bagging of course.. but need to find some pieces as well as learn some do’s and don’ts to this gem. He frame is pretty good though.

  • Hi Shasta Daisy.
    I’m sorta logging my progress with my 1968 Shasta Camper on a blog called

    Once I get into the more decor oriented aspects I’ll be sure to post here as well, but so far we’ve merely straightened her out.

  • Wow! Me too. I just started my relentless quest to find one of these little gems. I too feel it in my bones when I see “just the right one.” I have 1999 34 ft class A with 2 slides, however, a ’59 Shasta is all I think about. Is that sooo wrong?

  • hello my name is josh. i have found traveling in my trailer to be one of the most enjoyable pleasures in life. i’m hoping to find a camper/trailer bride soon. it appears the living one can have in a trailer is one of flexibility and freedom. we have a park where my dog runkerdog and i find our favorite catfish fishing hole and simply relax. it is true; now that i have gained 46 pounds, life is finally settling.

  • Hello are you still interested in buying a shasta I have a 1968 13ft in very good shape. Please let me know . I am selling it due to my two boys are outgrowing it.

    Thank you

  • Hi Cait.
    Not sure if Bruce will see this or not, but we emailed back and forth back when he commented. He is located near Saint Cloud, MN. and he wants $1500 for his Shasta.

  • How do I find Bruce and more information on the Shasta he has for sale? I am looking for a vintage tr and am coming up empty every time I turn around.

  • Glad to have stumbled upon your site. In a bit, I’ll go over and check out your blog. Ever since I was a small boy in rural Ga, I’ve wanted one of the ultra-small campers… As with everything else in a married man’s life, it was put on the back burner in lieu of ‘parental responsibilities’, and ultimately forgotten about. Recently, I was attempting to sell a used 4×4 truck, and write “for sale or trade” as the closing remark… Well, imagine my very pleasant surprise to receive a pretty sweet ’74 Shasta with Wings as part of the payment for my truck. I’d hoped for a shorter one, but this 16 footer is better than what I had before, which was nothing. It’s in surprisingly good shape – worlds better than I’d expected. I am still in search of that elusive 12-13 footer that spawned the original dream. I recently ran across a Craigslist ad for a very SWEET 12′ 1950’s model ‘canned ham’ trailer that was described as being “a tent on wheels”. I called the guy, and sight unseen, I agreed to his purchase price of an unbelievable $900.00, which is a proverbial STEAL for such a vintage item. I’ll be picking up that gem later on this week… And if it’s what I have been lead to believe, then there will shortly be a 1974 16′ Shasta with Wings on the market. Y’all take care – it’s great to find other misfit miscreants like myself to hang out with…

  • haha. Scott!! I’m jealous of your baby canned ham.
    I finally pulled my little shasta to Texas last week, and while I do love her… I’d trade her in a hot second for an earlier model like the one you’ve scored. Have fun!

  • I have found my canned ham and in the middle of cleaning and fixing. I have a heated garage so I can work on it all winter. The previous owner had put a air conditioner in the back window and threw the window away so I will need to find one and do a little work there replacing some lumber. Hopefully that will not be too bad but I am up for the challange. I am getting new cushions and making new curtains, etc etc etc.

  • Hi. I stumbled on this website looking for more info on the Shasta compacts. I just bought a fully restored 13 footer for $900.00. I can’t wait for spring so the wife and I can get on the road. Bud

  • I have an old shasta in my backyard that I need to get rid of. The previous owner said she never used the appliances, but I can’t verify until I get into it. I am located in KY and if you have an interest, I will get you more info.

  • Does my recent purchase of a 1962 Shasta Astrodome 16’er in all original condition, qualify to be part of this site? Love my little camper! Now time to go out and do a little wood repair to her.

  • Hi..I have a lil’ 1961 shasta. Im looking to get an idea of a price to sell it. Its all original needs just a little bit TLC, not awhole lot really. Heres my email if anyone has any interest..Thanks Jay from Wis

  • Hello, I have been looking for a year for an old Shasta to renovate. I finally scored an all original 1968 Shasta at an auction this oats weekend for 850.00. I am using all retro themes of the 60’s and 70’s. It is going to be a fun project. I will take some photos before and after and see if I can load them. I have heardnof sisters on the fly, but what about a social group in the Midwest?

  • I have some pictures of my 62 Shasta trailer that i’d be glad to send you. I’m actually buying another one very soon. 62 Shasta Airflyte. It’s in pretty good shape, just needs paint and new floor tile. Of course i’ll need to track down some original bench seats for the dinette, but that’s no big deal.

  • does a 1961 shasta astrodome need brakes to be hauled by a 2006 toyota tacoma 4×4??? i want to stop it and don’t know much about the brake thing-do most vintage trailers have brakes???


  • I have a vintage Shasta camper for sale … please email me if you are interested and I can send pics … it is in great shape inside and out – only thing needed is a new screen door …

  • I am interested in finding a vintage Shasta camper…for the right price! They are getting so hard to find now, and I’d love to get a ’56 in decent shape, and fix it up! I’m in Texas…

    Deb, what about yours?…tell me more and would love pics!

  • I understand your insane obsession w/ getting a vintage camper!! I had the same thing happen to me about 4 months ago and finally found one in mint condition! Its a “74” tag-a-long, complete w/ pea green, orange, and brown interior!! I’m in love with it!

  • I just bought one yesterday … 67 Shasta Loflyte with wings. Found it on craigslist. I joined Sisters on the Fly and am ready to go caravaning! :)

  • Dawn … I’m in the Midwest and just joined Sisters on the Fly. Where are you? Feel free to email me at [email protected]. :)

    Can you guess where in the midwest I’m at? *lol*

  • Just bought a 61 compact yesterday for 650.00 AWESOME shape! We are so excited about it. I am however confused about the paint on it, currently it is white with a brown fake wood, metal siding, that run along the windows on both sides, anyone else have or seen one like this? from the pictures I have seen so far most are white with a color or pink or blue. This little beauty has no wings or emblems, the fridge is also located where most have the half size wardrobe closet, from what pictures I have seen most are above the sink or under the sink next to the stove.
    Anyone have any comments, I would appreciate them! Thanks

  • Lol, I was cruising the ‘net looking for pics of the interiors of vintage trailers and found your blog. Go figure I find a fellow vintie from Etsy who also got bitten by the vintage camper bug! We picked up a 16 (? the PO said it’s a 17′, but theres no way-it’s 15-16’) Holiday Vacationer last weekend and I’m looking for pics to inspire my interior redo. The PO took out most of the vintage goodness, although the harvest gold countertop and appliances remain, as well as the table. I ironically had some mustard yellow melmac dishes for sale that I promptly pulled out of the shop and am looking at vintage fabric on Etsy now (not that I can sew, but I think that iron/sewing/stitching stuff will work for me)…right now it’s doubling as an office for us as well as extra storage for all of our vintage finds, I can’t wait until we get it fixed up a little more and start camping!

  • Sharon, check out the Good Sam Club’s vintage TT forums. I think I was reading a post where they were trying to ID a TT that sounds similar to yours and someone suggested it might be an Aloha instead of a Shasta, as they are very similar, but the Aloha didn’t have wings.

  • Done with the renovation of my 1968 compact Shasta. Working on all the running lights only 2 left to fix. All original. have before and after pictures on my facebook. Not sure how to upload the photos on this site. face book Dawn Powell in Newark, Ohio to see photos.

  • Just purchased a 1960 14′ Airflyte yesterday for $300. Have been looking for just the right trailer for a few years now..It needs to be restored but all the hard to find parts are there and in good working order..It’s going to look sweet behind my 1960 Ford Starliner cruising the west coast. The first thing I did was hook up with the Vintage Shasta Forum. Lots of awsome information there! Good luck to all my fellow travelers!

  • By the way my Shasta was an easy find..It was sitting at a storage facility next to another old trailer on the side of the road.. Lots of people dont have room at their homes and thats where they end up.

  • Just bought a 1973 Shasta that I believe is a 14′ if you don’t count the tongue…not to much work to do to her it seems so far..Looked for quite a while to find one…love it!

  • I’m ((looking)) for a vintage trailer, I’m in East Texas. If anyone has one for sell or knows where I can find one. Please send me an email. I can’t pay thousands!!!!
    Thanks bunches!!

  • Really, really want the right Shasta Astrodome. Fell in love with one–after it had just sold. Has to have a loo. Don’t know yet why it’s the one. But it is…

  • I to have to bug and Shasta is the one I search every day waiting for the right one I want a good deal

  • I have 62 shasta ..needs some potty..all orig
    wings were removed..located in denver..need to sell
    place to park

  • I have one posted on for $2800 OBO. Its a 15 foot Shasta Loflight camper 1968. I’m in New York and need to sell immediately. Pictures are included on the site.

  • Looking for a small vintage camper, prefer a canned ham with the wood interior since I already have a 67 LoFlyte that just seems a little big for me.

    Would prefer to stay under $1000 and I’m horrible at structural repairs … I’m in Nebraska but will drive for the right camper. :)

  • We just bought a 1968 Shasta Airflyte trailer for $500.00. The front wall has water damage and needs to be replaced and the sunroof is leaking. Otherwise it is in good shape with original interior. Wings and some lights are missing- previous owner says they just went missing one day from his back yard storage area. Anyway- I have been looking for a reasonable book on restoration of these and a manual on maintenance if anyone has any ideas where to find these. I don’t care if we stick to “original” much as I plan to paint the interior light paneling and will be replacing the fridge and stove to update. It all original cushions/benches/table/interior lights etc. I plan to recover the cushions myself. I was not aware that these trailers were so desirable as in “vintage” and would trade it for another 14- to 15 footer of any kind in better condition as we plan to hit the road by fall.
    So- if anyone has any info on where to locate restore info or Shasta info please e-mail me. [email protected]

    • My husband and I have a 59 shasta trailer that has been in the family for over 25 years. It is in pretty good shape. All the cabinets and appliances are original. I did some interior wall painting on the inside and had a professional paint the outside a sky blue. I re-appostered the dinning benches, put new linoleum in and made curtains. All of this was done years ago. I don’t want to sell it but I would like some ideas on how or who might do restoration work on the interior walls and windows. Any ideas? It also needs some axle work since it has been parked in the back yard for so long. I’d love to take it on the road again to do some camping. I’m surprised so many find it a hobbie to find and fix up these old gems. It makes me glad to have held onto it this long.

  • I have had my little 1959 shasta since 2008 finally getting around to fixing it up. I even have a 1967 shasta. It is a crazy hobby but a lot of fun.

  • Valuable information. Lucky me I found your web site unintentionally, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • I have the same dream…I live paycheck to paycheck, so this is really a dream…but I keep on keeping on…..because this is such a beautiful dream and miracles DO happen, right?….I just picture myself and my husband, just taking off and being able to park and enjoy and anywhere…just need a bed and cover and “love”……the dream will happen…don’t ever give up…>3

  • This post could have been written by me at this very moment!!! I can’t get onto the gypsyvonshasta website- but I would love to see what you did with the trailer and how it all came about. Is there anywhere to still see the photos and read about your adventures? ;) I’m impatiently searching the web for the info to justify to myself to go forward with my obsession ;) cheers!!

  • If anyone is interested I have a 1964 Shasta it’s 16ft…plus two foot tongue. Untouched the only thing it is missing is the wings. It is in Colorado. My email add is. [email protected] I can send pics

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