5 Great Interior Design Blog Moments in 2013

2013 was a great year for me enjoying the internet. I want to honor it by creating some lists of my favorite things that I enjoyed this past year! I love lists! Let’s start with other inspirational interior design bloggers! A few of my favs had some really enjoyable moments. Here they are…

Justina Blakeny

Justina Blakeney’s Skill Share
I am finally getting around to taking Justina’s SkillShare class about interior styling. It came highly recommended to me by Amy of Anthology House. Justina’s aesthetic speaks to my inner gypsy, and I love how she’s termed her home the Jungalow, and basically bred a unique style that I can aspire to. She made it especially easy by creating a class on SkillShare that we all can take. It’s only $15 and will motivate you to step away from your Pinterest account and make your own moves. See the fruits of the participant’s labors here, there’s a lot of fun fodder for those of you that are Before and After lovers like we are.

Amber Interiors Dining Room
Amber’s historical heart pour

That heartfelt letter really made me feel drawn to her. It just happened recently, but after a year of following the successes of this lady pretty loyally, I loved really getting a longer narrative from her about how it all began for her. It was humanizing and very endearing.

Bri Emery by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson & Bri Emery Makeover
These two together, and this makeover really made me excited. It’s like that feeling you get, when you are at a party talking to a newly met friend and as you are chatting, you come to learn that they went to high school with one of your long lost BFFs from college. I don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s actually never happened to me – but that’s a little analogy I drew up to describe how I felt when two of my favorite bloggers got together. :)

Jenny Komenda for Domino Mag

Jenny Komenda joining the Domino Mag Relaunch
I’m SO glad that Conde Nast finally did SOMETHING with the Domino brand, which was seriously some low hanging fruit for the world of interior design, at least in the digital space. What did you guys think, was it the relaunch of your dreams, did it make up for that other $15 issue full of recycled stories upset? I feel like our entire blogosphere came of age when that magazine folded. Anyway… it’s back with thinly veiled editorial, but mostly it is a giant affiliate ecomm shop. For me, the most memorable thing about the relaunch is that our dear friend Jenny of LGN was offered a spot as a contributor. I’m so glad she moved into that new home out in the desert! I’m just loving following her progress!

That One Furbish Photo shoot

That one Furbish photo shoot
I can’t wait to see what this photo was all about. I feel like some big news is coming in 2014… or who knows, maybe it was merely a team photo shoot for a new bio page… only time will tell. Either way, I enjoy following Jamie and her team as their brand grows and grows!

What about you?
What else happened in blog land this past year that got you all excited!? Share please. Otherwise, I’m left with solely my memories of the long ago days when we used to have a great dialog going with all of our like minded friends and interior design lovers! I miss you and your comments!

Oh, and also – if you love lists and you want to see another one, with a few of these same ladies — plus some other sources for great global styling tips, keep an eye out for my next article on LA Mag’s style blog, The Clutch.

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