Music Friday: Blind Pilot & also Bombadil

In keeping with the soft and mellow trend of folk inspired tunes, today we are gonna spin two favorite bands, one is Blind Pilot & the other is Bombadil. Each are categorized in my mind as part of the nostalgic roots renegade that I love. I’m constantly marveling at how so many young bands are capturing Americana with a modern flair. I love the instruments of the mountains and old harmonies. Tell me stories!!

The Estate of Things chooses Blind Pilot

Sarah really loves Blind Pilot. Here’s some ditties, bitty. I chose some remastered tracks from an iTunes EP, cause if you have the album – these serve as alternate versions and that’s sweet.

Blind Pilot – 3 Rounds and a Sound
[audio: 3 Rounds and a Sound.mp3]

Blind Pilot – The Story I Heard
[audio: The Story I Heard.mp3] Also, Bombadil.
I found out about this band via email! A fella name Bryan sent me a note, b/c he knew from my music blog (AudioMuffin) that I was a ginormous Avett Brothers fan. They were on the same home team label (Ramseur Records) and he wanted me to give them a listen. He was pretty right about my liking it. It ended up on the short list for my most favorite new albums of the year 2009. The funny thing about that now, is that I had just come home from a weekend at Sarah and Dan’s where Rob and I made up a song, videotaped it, and put it up on YouTube. Somehow I had the nerve to write Bryan from Bombadil back and ask him to watch my video. haha! He was really kind in his response. We still swap emails from time to time, and I’m REALLY looking forward to the day that they have some new songs for me to listen to. (I heard a little bit about the songs that they are in the process of writing.)

The Estate of Things chooses Bombadil

oh, so -  about the music. Again, fantastic story tellers. I think what grabs me about these guys is the way in which their songs make one consider the very real aspects of living – friendship, love, the effort to live fully – from simple and simply happy to a broad stroke of discontentedness. Here are some favs

Bombadil – Kate & Kelsey
[audio: Kate and Kelsey.mp3]

Bombadil – Reasons
[audio: Reasons.mp3]

Bombadil – So Many Ways to Die

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