Music Friday: Miike Snow

I went into a piano store on sunday. After some back and forth with a middle aged saleswoman, we told her we were a band. She asked me what kind of music we make, to which I replied simply.. “eh, I guess you can call it electro pop.” She replied…. “Ahhh, I just bought the Mark Snow album.”

Um…. I loved her for that.

It’s not Mark Snow, its Miike Snow, thus why she was so cute. Its not the name of a guy in the band, its the name of the band. Sorry to tell you this if you already know it…. I’m just pretending that the piano saleswoman is my target demo here on the blog!!!

So… I’m just gonna throw in some tracks now and shut up! Dance away my frumpy lil piana saleswomen!!

Miike Snow  – Sans Soleil

Miike Snow – Cult Logic

And, a video for the one that has killed me each time I’ve seen them live – they murder it!!! SILVIA!

I’ve given you my fav tracks from lately! Purchase the full album for the full range of songs! They are all beautiful.Thanks for playing,


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