Take a Break

Let’s take a break from home design for a hot minute because I need to ask your opinion on something…something to ponder over the weekend perhaps.

My husband Dan and I were discussing apparel last night because I was showing him this dress that I NEED! We started looking at the men’s department and ran across these tank tops…for men.  Dan said he thought that he could pull off wearing one of these…

Your thoughts on men and tank tops, is it something that is reserved for surfers and Nascar fans or can Dan rock it in Target on a Sunday pushing DC in the cart?

          the estate of things chooses quicksilver tank  the estate of things chooses quicksilver loot horse tank

the estate of things chooses surfride


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  • Dan rocks it in Target. Pretty Please…..
    I advise he hit the backyard landscaping project sleeveless first…. to get rid of that golfer’s tan….

    I can’t wait to see this!

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