Root Cause

Sometimes we have the best intentions when it comes to organization. These are the kinds of things around the house that can lead to spousal/partner arguments.

overhead garage storage

Wife – “Honey, can you go and get one of the red bins down from the garage”

Husband – “I’m watching the game right now, I’ll get it in a few minutes”

It snowballs from there.

This scenario also applies to attic storage. You think its great until you have to climb up that crappy fold down ladder in August and your face melts off as soon as you get up there and then because you don’t have a face and the box full of whatever is pretty big you almost break your neck coming back down.Thanks for playing,


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  • This cracks me up because my line of thinking was about the same when i saw this picture on Pinterest. This kind of storage is worse than the attic though because you have to go in search on the dang ladder, and move the car (or more likely thrifted furniture awaiting a makeover) and then set the ladder up in precisely the right location. Not my kind of storage.

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