Cameron Antiques Festival 2011

Over the weekend, we ventured to a local festival called Cameron Antiques. Just a few of the sights,

a piece of Americana

this laundry cart was reasonably priced at $85, it reminds me of the Steele canvas baskets that popped up on my Pinterest radar

I thought the ombre effect on the blue bowl was unique.

aaah Nikko Blue, that color is the best isn’t it?…a staple at Cameron are the dried hydrangeas bunches, this year the vendor was sold out of the bunches by 11.

vintage coffee server in amazing condition, so spacey but cool like those expensive espresso machines. Would look great on the kitchen counter.

cute cottage-y child’s swing, could hang it indoors or out

These reminded me of the Dick and Jane series,

they would look great framed– like in this Domino nursery,



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