I’m putting an APB out on this,

bentwood cane stool etsy
estate eclectic

I think I want need it as an accent table in the new nursery. I found it on Etsy, messed around and missed it.

Then I saw this one on Joss & Main at the House of Honey sale and thought it was overpriced.

joss and main house of honey sale bentwood stool table

So now I’m on the hunt, if you see one drop me an email or leave a comment with a link. Suspect is described as a bentwood, cane stool or table.

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  • I have this in my house. Got it for free from a co-worker. Kate and I had a philosophical discussion about it…

    Anyway. Good luck in finding it. Or hell – maybe I’ll ship it over to you. It’s totally under-appreciated in my home anyway, as it sits behind the couch w/ a box full of records on top.

  • Are you kidding? Send me a pic. Sitting behind the sofa, I’ll pay to ship it. Geez my baby needs it, what are you waiting for! Box it up love-y.

  • I even remember seeing that in a picture Betsy posted of her apartment – way to be observant :)

  • I was about 100% positive that I sent you a picture of the side table specifically b/c of the philosophical conversation that Kate and I had about it, but I can’t find any evidence to prove it….. HOWEVER, did just 1 thousand times percent enjoy looking back through the last year and a half of our emails and texts….. You’re a funny B.

  • I think I had it in my cart four times and just didn’t pull the trigger. *weeps*

    Good luck on your hunt! x

  • don’t spray paint it. i saw your other post about the bed you spray painted for the kid’s room. spray paint is great for outdoor things, but the fumes are noxious. they never go away. even the new low voc spray paint, 75% of the chemicals are still there. it’s really bad for adult brains, but worse for developing ones. it’s a pain, but go with real paints.

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