Metrolina in Charlotte

I travelled to the Metrolina International Collectibles & Antiques Show in Charlotte, NC last weekend.  These shows occur monthly throughout the year but the fall show is the largest.

Eddie was in town giving tours and he set a table with Mrs. Howard at her shop.

This place was huge and despite the enormity Eddie’s tour came right up to the booth where my Mom and I were shopping some well priced suzanis.

Eddie Ross at Metrolina

Some of the standouts,


vintage bingo, great for display


I shouldn’t have passed up the yellow pot, loved the color

yellow pottery

amazing antique chandelier

antique glass chandelier

I tried to talk my Mom into this solid bronze trophy, best price was $45

antique bronze trophy

great storage for an office


vintage reading cards


these are German, hand-painted shooting targets. Today they would make great art.

antique German hand painted targets

this silhouette was a little overpriced but there were some portions of love notes and framed calligraphy hanging above it that were so delicate and beautiful



beautiful British antique trophy with a hefty price tag

antique trophy

My Mom and I were taken by this hand drawn and colored piece of art but after reading the price tag three times we determined that it did in fact say $750-


unique vintage Russian graphic print, I pictured it in a tween’s room or bachelor’s apartment

vintage Russian graphic print

this vendor said he’d take $100 for either these antique beds. The posts are really striking, they remind me of bowling pins and the side rails were very nice too. A real steal!

antique wooden beds

antique Fox Hunting print, the riders jackets were really more of a Hermes orange. I thought about this for a while but couldn’t place it in my space.

antique Fox Hunting print

two vintage original etchings by a listed artist. The vendor wanted $120 for the one on the left and $100 for the one on the right. They both had Philadelphia Museum of Art stamps.

vintage etchings

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

vintage sculpture

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