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As previously mentioned I find the Flor catalog to be a good source of interior inspiration. Sure they are in the business of selling carpet tiles (which I like and have owned) but they also have some pretty great stylists.

There was a standout image in the recent catalog which features a gallery wall.

flor catalog gallery wall

I’m getting ready to start a gallery wall in our office/library/guest room and I don’t plan to play it safe with the same frame color so you can see why I appreciate this image.

While we’re talking about the Flor catalog, I’d like to point out that they now offer stair treads. This is a good option for those of us that can’t afford a custom stair runner and don’t want braided or traditional stair treads. Flor’s “treds” are a little pricey, $140 for four and they are already on back order. I think I paid the same price for a dozen braided treads two houses ago…

Flor stair treds

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  • The Flor catalog is definitely my favorite of all the catalogs. The rooms are insanely awesome. I actually keep those catalogs for future inspiration! I really want that chesterfield in that photo.

  • I find the Flor catalog really well done, too. I have considering making my own treads from regular Flor tiles but decided against it. I’m sure some super crafty DIYer could make it would and possibly do it slightly cheaper?

  • There is a Flor store front just down the street from me, but its not nearly as awesome as the catalog.

    I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on their new oriental rug design for my living room. Kate and I have already burned through two other rug options – its a really high traffic area and sometimes I tend to dance around with a very full wine glass. The white Ikea rug lasted all of 2 months before it was an embarrassment…

    I love their product.

    • you get to rinse the tiles in the sink which is a huge plus but after about a year and 1/2 they start to look like they want to either die or get professionally cleaned.

  • I made my own stair treads from Flor tiles and it turned out great. They are really easy to cut. I used the striped thick and thin ones.

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