Music Friday: The xx

This band makes me wanna slow dance reeeeeeeeaaaallllllyyy bad! It’s so sweet and effortless. Can you imagine songs like this when you were 14??

The boy/girl duo are a mere 20 and they’ve known each other since they were 3. You can feel that chemistry in their honest and revealing songs. They were an anticipated act for me in Texas, as I have been listening to the album on steady repeat for the past little bit. They completely blew me away.

Ahhh. Young Love in what makes me think of a Mental Institution! Such nostalgia.

If these videos weren’t enough, check out the live session we recorded at SXSW. I make a teeny tiny appearance during the interview!!

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  • Yup, yet another of my favorites! I don’t think you’ve had a music friday yet that hasn’t featured someone on my current top 10 list :)

  • Totally agree with Jen- loving your picks. They played Intro at a wedding I went to recently, right before the bride was about to walk down the aisle. It gave everyone the chills (in a good way!).

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