Dear Emily Henderson

Dear Emily Henderson,

I just wanted to drop you a personal note to tell you that I wish you were my friend in real life.

We’d make a cute couple of friends, I’m sure…. See. We both have huge platinum hair.


Once, I met you in the bathroom of a restaurant in North Hollywood. It was kind of strange to pounce on you in the loo like that, but I was overwhelmed by coincidence. I had JUST learned of you from my friend Sarah that weekend. You might recall that she (visiting for 3 days from NC) and I were just about to hit up all of your suggested antique shops on Lankershim. (That was awesome btw.) I had spent that morning pouring over your blog, taking in your style and some episodes of your show.

The thing is, you were so gracious. I work for KCRW here in LA, and I have the opportunity to interface with a lot of people of varying degrees of recognition in several different areas of fame including literary, music, film/television, athletes, and even self made stars from this ubiquitous internet. I see a recurring pattern in behavior and I always feel SO refreshed when there is no seeming “size you up, are you worth my time” hurdle when I’m initiating conversation. You see, I’m slightly socially awkward in this way. In fact, I was amazed at myself that I gathered the nerve to speak to you at all – as I would tend to assume you don’t wish to be bothered by some girl with pink hair who is just one of another 150,000,0000000000 design bloggers every time you stick your hands under running water in a public restroom.

It’s been quite some time now that I’ve been following your blog (love the redesign btw, I totally have blog esteem for Bri too!). Heffe set the option to record your HGTV show so I can get more on demand. But I wanted to let you know that more than ever, I want to be friends with you.

I’ve recently reorganized my google reader design blog, and did a full dump. I’m carefully crafting the perfect list of bloggers that I can read along with and really shake my head, YES YES YES…. I’m getting rid of the blogs that make me make mutter negative things to myself aloud while I read along.

I can really get down with your approach. I applaud you for your $150 laminate flooring installation in your RENTAL.


You make me feel like I should try to convince Heffe to do the same with his yellow floors, you make it feel worth the effort since he will live there for AT LEAST two years. His kitchen is crazo50s.

I’ve been reluctant to share with the judgy world, but you’re so sweet…. I feel like I could invite you into the problem zones and you’d just help me get it all figured out in a way that I can really get down with – without deleting me from YOUR google reader.

So, I guess that’s it. Thanks for being awesome at what you do, and awesome about being awesome at it!



PS… (to our readers on the reg)

In the past – The Estate of Things has been a contender on The Homies.…. in fact, it’s that annual awards show that bumped up our traffic and made us start to feel legit, back when we were just baby bloggers. This year, we kinda slept on it. We aren’t doing so great at playing the game lately… but we do want you to head over – and vote your conscience. Vote Emily Henderson!!! ;)




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