February Trip to LA

I went to LA in February and now its mid-April…gee where does the time go?

Better late than never.

I went to LA because my Dad decided to live one of his dreams. Its all part of his rock n’ roll fantasy…

2012 Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp
Here he is doing his thing, it was really gratifying to watch someone fulfill their dream. I love the hell out of my Dad and on the whole I’d say he’s probably…the best Dad ever.


Lita Ford was there. Betsy said she used to tap out “Kiss Me Deadly” on the family piano at like 8 yrs old, wholesome childhood?…kidding Sandy. My Dad said Lita was doing a lot of talking on her cell about a nasty divorce, thats not very rock n’ roll.

Lita Ford at Whisky a Go Go

 We were served tiny bananas at breakfast

Watch out for this vegetarians, a daring closeup of a juicy burger topped with gruyere at Father’s Office adjacent to H.D. Buttercup

Mom and I breezed through Buttercup, but I did see this ocean landscape which reminded me of the one Jenny hung over Joanna’s bed

Betsy has not been to my current house yet so I was drawing and explaining the layout and what I will one day do to it.


While sitting at the same hotel bar we had some FaceTime with my girls and then my husband took Betsy on an iPhone tour of our house.

How to miss your kids!

Because we were staying in North Hollywood and we like to buy old stuff, naturally we would take Emily Henderson’s advice and hit the Lankershim Blvd vintage shops

So first we had lunch at The Federal Bar and wouldn’t you know– Emily Henderson herself walked in the door.

emily henderson head shot

Betsy didn’t recognize her so I had to text her because Emily sat down at the table beside us and I didn’t want to be you know…whisper-y/dorky.

And then Emily went in to the ladies room at the same time Betsy did and then Betsy came out with Emily, introductions all around. Emily was very friendly.

Then we hit all of the stores on Lankershim and saw things like this,

Antiques on Lankershim






For some reason, when Betsy and I have a photo taken of us together it doesn’t turn out that great. Oh well, all we need is the visual memory anyway.


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