Jetsettin’ to Palm Springs

Will I go to the Viceroy? Are you kidding, do you have to ask!

Welcome to Palm Springs

image via RHeinitz

Dan and I are headed to Palm Springs in just a few days. We are staying at a super trendy hotel because this is what you do.

Truth be told, Dan and I aren’t really that trendy we found a super deal on Gilt’s affiliate Jetsetter but nothing is stopping us from pretending.



We have plans… you have to when you venture in to what Rita Konig called “vintage heaven”. Because Dan loves to play poker he may go to the Spa Resort Casino while Betsy and I take in the Rose Bowl flea market and play “Know Your Neighborhood” in Pasadena. We hope to make it to see Betsy’s new digs and visit with our old pal Joel. We hope all of this will be possible between seeing the Cabazon dinosaur replicas and hunting for vintage treasure and just generally you know um… livin’ it up at the Hotel California.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

photos via Salina Canizales

We will follow some of Konig’s trail as reported in the February 2009 issue of Domino and head to places like,

We may also venture to Cathedral City to visit a group of antique stores that Konig also mentioned.

Most importantly though, we will lounge.

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  • I’ll be out in Palm Springs this weekend for a family function. Although I grew up there and now live less than a two hours’ drive away, it’s been a while since I spent time there. I’m going to steal your little list here and I’ll probably pass you in the aisles! Enjoy (and be prepared for the mid- to high-90’s heat)!

  • Alaina-We’re ready, its already 90 here in NC. Any other activities or things to see from a PS native?

  • My husband and I are headed to Palm Springs this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We’re staying at the Ace as well.

    We were going to hit up a place called Revivals Resale Mart. There is also a Trina Turk interiors store in PS that I want to see.

    I heard the best brunch in PS is at Norma’s, which is in the Parker.

    We went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market last month and scored an amazing mid century modern lounge chair for 60. You will have so much fun there, but make sure you wear sunscreen, a hat, and some comfortable walking shoes. You will be there for hours and hours just looking through there antique furniture area. Oh yeah, and bring a water bottle.

  • Was just in PS a few weekends ago. Bon Vivant is great. Ventura (near Bon Vivant) is also great (not on Rita Konig’s list). The brunch at Cheeky’s was also worth the wait. If you are staying at the Ace, bring some earplugs! Thin walls over there.

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