It’s the weekend. I got on an airplane and headed to North Carolina. I skipped every single shelter magazine option on the news stand.

Instead I picked up two chicken caesar salads cause I’m good at dieting… except I’m not good at being hungry. I also tried to hide my in-flight tears from very close neighbor as I cried along with Downton Abbey’s most recent episode.

Sarah and I will get together early next week for a minute in person. Until then, I’m headed to Hot Springs, NC to see my cousin don her dip-dyed wedding dress for a small mountain chapel wedding.

Hopefully Sarah will get to go hang out with and hold her family’s newest addition. Her girls have a new baby cousin to love on.


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  • Hi Betsy! Does this mean you’ll be in the Hickory-area later this week?
    I am heading to the us on tuesday and will be in NC (hickory) until march 1st. Would be fantastic to see you if it is possible.
    Hugs, Lina
    (That swede you know..) :)

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