Seven Wanders

Dude and I have been fantasizing enterprise level ideas about a fleet of vintage camper refurbs that we’ll create a lifestyle brand around and market as rentals for a legit SoCal getaway.


Since not everyone can actually BE a gypsy, we think we could make it easy to come to SoCal and pretend for a long weekend.

I’ve created a muse out of some romantic scenario where Stevie Nicks and Steve Jobs discover themselves in a torrid love affair, their only option to be together is to break away from their disparate routines – they run off to burn up in the sunset for just a weekend in the desert of SoCal in a SevenWanders camper rental.

Blame it on My Wild Heart!

Dude, press play. It’s worth it. This video make me cry tears out of my eyes.

More about my camper project is here in this initial post and on our blog at for playing,


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