I woke up from an intense dream where I owned an amazing home and everything that I could want was in its place. I stood at the door and looked around and thought proudly about the drama from the entryway. I think I need to draw out this home and hold onto it forever. Maybe its a premonition and one day I’ll stand in a doorway and see this room that I made up in my subconscious.

Please check out my bearskin rug.

In other news, I have a truckload of virginia river rocks and a pile of sand in my backyard and I’m real excited to see what that means for the future of my landscape.

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  • Jamie. Bargain Bin – watch yourself or you’ll be shot by some mexicans or something.

    ooh. Patapri… I was thinking about getting another one – the one with the pinks… to go on the other side… that would be easier than trying to find something else that would make an interesting companion for that corner. (but yuko is closed for biz – I’ll have to think harder)

    be a bearskin poll, be a bearskin….

  • I hear its the “beabearskinrug” command, since dogs need one word commands.

    Great kitchen BTW…

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