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Craig said to Roomate Kate: Here is a pretty (but busted) couch for $20.

Roomate Kate to Betsy: Check it out, its tufted and ONLY $20 I could use it for my office, or we could use it for the dining nook. Do you think we could fix it up?
Betsy: I don’t know if it will fit in our space, but for $20 who cares, we could see?

Betsy to TEOT Facebook: Whoa! $20. This is a project that someone should definitely take on.

Kate to Craig: How ruined is this couch?
Craig: The cushions are more dirty than ruined. Buy Me!

Betsy to Sarah: What do you think?
Sarah: Its a little dramatic with those yellow drapes and to answer Kate’s question that she posed to the seller below, they are pretty ruined, both stained and coming apart . If you’re going for the tattered and tragic Anthropologie catalog shoot look then this is your couch. You couldn’t just sit on it, you’d have to drape yourself across it just to watch NJ Housewives.

do you think we should buy it?

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  • Buy it. Looks like the main upholstery issue is the seat cushions, in which case, reupholster just the cushions with a different fabric that says, “I’m so quirky, I’ve got TWO fabrics!” Or, ditch the cushions all together and overlap large flat throw pillows in a way that works (if that exists). Either way, twenty bucks is worth the adventure.

  • I would just like to point out that this seems like the holy grail of furniture. We have alternated pieces, but the theme of “something white and tufted” has been a NEED.
    Also, I have a little obsession with utility and this would utilize the corner in the dining room that has been like nails on a chalkboard.
    Question then: Is it TOO ruined? Would it even fit the look?

  • Oh! And with a sexy blanket, the second piece could serve as the Mariah Carey chase for my bedroom?

  • I’m all for going balls out and trying to make it work in the corner….
    but i’d like to swap out the upholsdirty…

    not sure how likely it is that we would get that done.

    AGAIN….. $20 = who cares, lets get it.

  • it doesn’t sit flush together like a modern sectional would so as people get up and sit down, it would just scoot a little farther apart each time

  • You could probably just rig up some sort of clamp to keep the pieces together.. I know that shit would drive me nuts.

    For $20 I say go for it. The rounded piece doesn’t look like it is too far gone (just needs some TLC) but the straight piece needs professional help. What is up with that top right corner?

    If it’s really awful I say we drag it down to Dockweiler and use it as the starting point for a Fourth of July bonfire. Even firewood isn’t that cheap!

  • if you can get it re-upholcleaned for cheap, do it!

    I agree with Sarah about putting them together. I think the corner piece is where it’s at and should be alone.

    You know, even at $20, I don’t think I would get it. Probably too much work into something that will just be, “ehhh that’s cool”. It’s like finding a Ford Pinto for $20 and trying to restore it. Is it worth all the work you are gonna put into it?

    OK final answer…If it’s ok by itself with no work, I’d buy it. If its really that disgusting that you need to get it re-upholstered, no go.

  • Hilarious and slightly schizophrenic Timmy!
    I’m leaning towards “get it” and wholeheartedly agree with Chris regarding the bonfire concept.

    The corner piece is speaking to me. I’d like to see if it fits the space that Kate is concerned about as well as the height of the table. (However – this 100% eliminates any possibility of any opulence over the dining table…. must be a clean line or else I may not be able to breathe)

    bonfires or sexblankets and glitter for the other piece….

  • buy it – if you don’t it will be the couch that got away, even if you can’t afford to get it recovered now, you will soon enough. keep them separate

  • It’s 20 freakin’ dollars! There are no cons to buying this couch for money like that…come on!!! Buy it already!!

  • Did you get it already? Although that one corner looks odd. Seems like a great DIY project. Unless you’re me and leave your projects in the garage for years at a time. But still it’s only $20.

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