China Cabinets and Chicken Wire

You may or may not remember that I passed on the $400 Antique secretary a few months ago. There is still a gaping hole along the dining room wall that is begging for some kind of display case, console, china cabinet, bookshelf, something……… I’m likely to leave it blank until I find a tolerable piece of furniture for next to nothing at a thrift store. One that I’ll feel comfortable painting the interior and eh………. perhaps replacing the glass fronts with Chicken Wire??

The Estate of Things chooses chicken wire china cabinet

Image from Schoener Wohnen

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  • Hey girl,
    Go and check out the Hickory Antique mall again…there is a secretary by the front that is only around $100 or so. It may even be the same one that was $400 bucks! The scale seemed smaller, though, but the price sure is nice. It has been over a week or so since the sighting, and 2 newlyweds were eyeing it pretty hard!
    p.s. I’m at six months now, hard to believe! You need to see my bump!!

  • I’ll go check out the Antiques Mall at lunchtime. Thanks for the heads up! I would love to see you and your babybelly!

  • I would love to know what color is on your table and chairs? I am looking to refinish a set just like this…any advise is appreciated!!

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