White Appliances on a Comeback?

Speaking of a comeback, have you watched or are already a dedicated viewer of The Comeback on HBO? We recently watched 2 or 3 episodes and it was almost entirely too painful and awkward to watch. But Val is a train wreck and you have to return to see if she ever gets a break.


I’m working on two kitchen remodels right now, the Spring Hill kitchen and the Bennett kitchen.

We are keeping our gaze firmly locked on a budget for both projects but more so for the Bennett kitchen. Because we’re keeping a budget-minded approach here, a more economical choice would be to use sites like closeupcheck to chop or re-use the existing gas range because it isn’t that old and is still in good working order. The existing range is white, as are the other existing appliances.

We will need:

  • a new fridge
  • add a dishwasher

We will be re-using existing:

  • microwave
  • range

For the most part everyone is using stainless appliances these days. The choices are actually a lot greater now in stainless than they are in white. So as a compromise, I briefly considered the possibility of mixing white and stainless.

green cabinets

We don’t know what color the fridge is here from this image but I’d wager a bet that it is a stainless steel Sub-Zero or Jenn Air to go with the white dishwasher and black range,

checkerboard floor

We’ve got a black microwave, vintage white range and a stainless steel dishwasher going on here,

vintage stove checkerboard


This is my favorite example and one of my new favorite cottage kitchens right now. It’s a cute southern cottage kitchen designed by Milk and Honey Home. The stainless gas range looks fairly comfortable sitting next to the white dishwasher.

mix appliances


mix appliances3

You probably already noticed like I did that a lot of the mixing takes place with a vintage or very expensive range in place. And we don’t have either of those in the Bennett kitchen.

So…we move forward in matching our existing white appliances. Let’s look at a few inspirational images with white appliances,

white appliances


GE artistry appliances



White fridge happening,

mix appliances2





white appliance range



white appliance swedish home


So besides the normal white appliances we’re all used to, what else is out there? Let’s start with a reasonable price point.

The GE Artistry line is reasonably priced and has this cool retro styling with a white exterior and stainless accents.


The fridge is a little deep though so I’m considering using only the dishwasher from the Artistry line and pairing that up with a white fridge.

Whirlpool also offers sleek, white appliances in their White Ice collection. I can’t say that I like them as well as the GE Artistry line.

whirlpool white ice

I’m leaning more toward a slimmer, economical white fridge like this one,

white whirlpool


But what if you had a much larger budget? Well…then the white appliances get a lot prettier,

white viking


white heritage range


white wolf range




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  • I recently bought a white refrigerator. It was the same price as the stainless so it wasn’t a budget choice. After going back and forth, I decided that I wanted it to blend into the line of white cabinets. I needed a cabinet depth model so the choices were few. I ended up with a Kenmore Elite. I don’t love the handles but they kind of disappear. I was intending to order a set of stainless handles for a look like the Whirlpool one above but I don’t really feel it’s necessary at this point. I think if you find a fridge with a smooth door instead of the traditional texture, then it will look better.

    • I think you are absolutely right Audrey about the smooth door. And I did select one with a smooth door. It is a Maytag with stainless handles!

  • Audrey.
    I’m with the white appliances at this point too! I prefer the non-break in color, calls attention to these machines that really aren’t always so lovely. Of course, I have nothing against a huge and beautiful metal chef grade oven/stove… Nothing at all.
    I was making appliance choices back in 2008 and I really didn’t want stainless steel, especially at my budget amount. It just meant fingerprints to me… I ended choosing all black… but I really hated that kitchen.


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