I think I hate my kitchen

What do I do? There is so much form/function to think of and where do I even start? I got into my house just after the builders already selected the cabinets and countertops. I did get to select my own stove & microwave (and I did decide on black, the stove and microwave’s blue interior is a fun surprise). But yeah – I feel unhappy with the overall choices that were made. So far I haven’t been able to commit to an update or a replacement of the cabinetry cause well, I just can’t commit to much of anything really.

You can see what I’ve been stuck with for cabinetry, and there are no windows in this room, so it has been very brown in there for the past 8 months. (I’m also painting over the brown in the LivingRoom – back to white).


I suppose wall color is a quick & easy upgrade in style and that will be happening this coming week. It will be done using this color in the kitchen. (I hope that your monitor shows this – the color is a wicked tiffany blue (maybe even a little on the greener side). It was matched to my totally rad danish leather sofa that I found on the side of the road.)

The Estate of Things chooses a light shade of turquoise for wall paint

I like the slab of raw wood seen on the wall in this next image, and I was considering doing something like that, but now I’m kind leaning towards a Beadboard Waynescotting with a similar corner banquet to the Ikea Hack pictured below. Its such a small corner, but I have a GREAT lighting fixture and some artwork that I can already see above it.

The Estate of Things chooses Ikea Hacker

I believe that adding an island would be of great value and I will be hitting up the new Charlotte, NC Ikea in hopes for a solution, but these pictured architectural details (both) are a must have….. The trick will be finding them or having them custom made. I notice them on great old houses – but also I see them on old and new Gazebos around here. I’ll have to check out the local builder’s supply.

I saved the Image below to the DecoFile (Domino). It is from Rambling Renovators and I think maybe it was b/c the the paint color with the white cabs was what I had in mind. Its been another inspiration in this kitchen brainstorming project.

The Estate of Things chooses Rambling Renovators

The tile above is interesting, but I think I’m gonna take it easy on the budget and go for the 3×4 white subway tile with dark grout. And I don’t know about hardware….. ?? Black?

The Estate of Things chooses White Subway Tile Backsplash The Estate of Things chooses Cottage Bin Cabinet Hardware

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  • I know I hate my black counter with black and white backsplash, white cupboards and black and white linoleum floor, kitchen! I love color and mediteranean style!
    I am begging for ideas on how to add some style/color, starting with a new linoleum floor, then wall colors and finally window treatments. These are the only things I can change for now.
    I have to do this one step at a time due to budget constraints. Any and all ideas are happily welcomed, as long as they DO NOT involve black or white! lol

  • Those first 3 things that you can change will probably make a HUGE difference, especially if you are painting the ceiling a color. What color are you thinking?

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