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I’ve been living in my new home for a few months and slowly piecing together my decor. I must admit I’ve focused on the Living Room and Kitchen areas so much that the bedrooms and office are pretty much blank. I started from absolute scratch (moved back to NC from LA with what would fit in my car). It takes a long time and a lot of money to furnish a 1500 square foot home. BUT….. Yay – I’m finally ready to focus on the Office.

I think initially I was thinking of wallpapering the Office (or at least a feature wall) and I was leaning toward the EVERYWHERE Imperial Trellis Wallpaper cause Kelly Wearstler is worth emulating. Really the whole AVANTE GARDE wallpaper book is inspiring. See some examples here:

But, after writing the purple post I realized that I could go with flat paint for now and get a big bang for my buck with that hot PLUM color. Anything to get rid of this CAMEL color that is on the wall of every room in my home will help – but with this purple I can pull in this 7 foot long table top thats sitting in my garage – and piece it as a desk using those metal yellow sawbucks that whatshisname on BRAVO’s TOP DESIGN did.

Next I just need some inexpensive solutions for shelves and perhaps a rug and the office should feel much more inspiring. Meanwhile, I’m flying in a friend from LA to help me out with this and will post some before and afters once we are done. Here is a sneak peak at what’s to come using the ultra cool MAC application called GAWKER – that snaps a Time Lapse photo every 20 seconds to capture my painting progress. Wow – that really makes an hour of hard work look easy!!


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