The time has come my fair friends. We have discussed these curtains more than once.

My arrival back to my Santa Monica apartment met with me with a box full of lined yellow silk curtains. I put out a help me post to see if the world could make my dreamy curtains a reality. Several of you responded including Jamie from She got the hook up! It took some time, cause as I declare over and over and over….. the pockets are shallow.

Roomate Kate and I agreed that these would make the statement and we scraped our extra monies. We didn’t save much more money compared what I had imagined it might cost to start with the fabric I found in the garment district, but there was ZERO headache, and the final product is significantly more like the above photo than what I had found. I will need to pleat myself, and there is still hardware to purchase and hang close to the ceiling…. but since there are yella curtains laying all over my living room with great anticipation, I thought I may as well go ahead and share them. (carelessly tossed over the vertical blinds – which need to come DOWN asap…..)

What do you think!? (get yours from Jamie’s Furbish Studio.)

The Estate of Things chooses Yellow Curtains for the Treehouse

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  • I agree the Vertical blinds need to go ASAP. We had them in our home in Fl, and I HATED them more then anything. Ours were on the sliding glass doors, and would fall off every time we opened the door. I was NEVER so happy to see ANYTHING leave my house, as I was to see the Vertical blinds go.

    I LOVE the Yellow curtains, they really make me want to go out and get some, and redo my living room for the 3rd time. =)

  • I need those vertical blinds to come down tonight or I’m not sure I will be able to sleep! I think we’d all like to see those lovely curtains in full effect, meaning mounted on hardware not competing with those blinds.

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