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I read an amazing post about window treatments on Cote de Texas yesterday, which I highly recommend reading.  I was perusing a Better Homes & Gardens slideshow about color and pattern when I came across this image,

the estate of things chooses better homes and gardens bedroom

Now this was meant to be a study in the use of pastels but what I noticed was the window treatments that were used in this room.  It appears that it is one large natural shade, mounted on the outside of the bank of three windows.  If this were my room, I’m pretty sure my instinct would’ve been to hang three separate bamboo shades but after reading CdT’s post I realize I may have been chopping up that nice horizontal line of windows.  What’s your preference here?

Update-CdT also wrote a great post about Restoration Hardware turning Belgian. Also a great read.Thanks for playing,


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  • Nothing wrong with the large window shade, but I still prefer three small shades. I don’t really think it breaks up the line (in some ways, I think it accents it, actually!), and I like the way separate shades make the molding pop. Just my preference, though! :)

  • A month ago, I purchased four bamboo shades for my bedroom, I love the idea of one big shade but I think the size of the room determines whether it works or not. And funny you put the blues with orange accent-that is what I am doing in my master:)

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