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Meet my $10 mid century office chair. Nice solid wood base on nickel casters, everything is in good working order, the wood even looks like it might be teak or something pretty and Danish looking. Worn–yes, sad—probably, hopeful–absolutely.

So my first instinct was black and white small vertical stripes. Then my next thought was some boldly colored velvet.

Visualize with me,

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  • All those pics are gorgeous – you can’t go wrong! I’ll always vote for color over black and white. It just makes such a statement. But that colorful stripe is sort of the best of both worlds – that gets my vote! Good luck. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Sue at Home

    • Sue,
      I agree with you, I’ve been searching for an affordable colorful velvet stripe online but haven’t found one yet. Really leaning towards b+w though, thinking about diagonal.

    • interesting suggestion, but I’ve loved that settee in McGrath’s apartment for a while and the chaise in House Beautiful so I gotta go with the ticking stripe in order for that chair to be– all it wants to be.

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