Wow Chair

The Estate of Things chooses Elements of Style

This came from and I saw it on Elements of Style

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  • Oh I love this chair….the blend of the traditional with the modern which can be a bit of a surprise for some. I upholstered a white painted antique Swedish Gustavian arm chair in Svenske Tenn “Manhattan” for a customer once and it was crazy (in a good way)….Love it when people are brave!

    Tricia – Avolli

  • So. Unfortunately this chair uses a fabric with the Kalimah on it. This is the Moslem equivalent of a catechism for Catholics or the shema for Jews. It isn’t really something that you’d sit on.

    I really like how it looks except for the writing on it.

  • Thanks ScienceGeek. Its great to know the origin of the pattern, it’s so unique. I definitely didn’t know anything of its sanctity.

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