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My brother just wrote me an email where he said: I like your house, its like an experiment left abandoned. He was holding the fort down and finishing up some of the details of moving until my renter got in. And maybe what he meant was that the move effort was abandoned…..  But I immediately thought to myself “he’s so right….. It was a dabble in the art of home making and it was discontinued before it was done.” There were so many things that I still wanted to do there.

But I love new stuff and new adventures. So now I’m thinking about how to prioritize my desires for a brand new (much smaller) EMPTY home. Its gonna be a work in progress for a long time. I’m already having fun thinking about a sideboard thingy. I have had my eye on this one from IKEA since the last experiment in home making.

The Estate of Things chooses IKEA via Apartment Therapy
image from Apartment Therapy (not new anymore!)

As new and shiny and easy as that Ikea option is….  the sideboard that Jamie is rocking at Furbish Studio has me scanning Craigslist and itching for an afternoon of freedom to hit up some local thrift stores to see if I can’t get lucky and score myself a project. (My eye is on St. Vincent De Pauls Thrift store for some super deals.)


So obviously a couch is going to be a huge consideration for the new place and I’m sure we’ll discuss that at length when its time. But I’ve realized that I’m pretty excited about what I will find in the way of bulky vintage furniture that I can paint and place in my little new home.

Is anyone out there in the Los Angeles area!? Any super tips on furniture thrift stores!?


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  • Hi there, I’m in the L.A. area and there are a couple good thrift stores in my area where there have been some really great furniture deals (as you know, they are hit or miss). My faves are the Salvation Army in Pasadena (56 West Del Mar Blvd.) Around the corner is the Salavation Army “Antiques” store (35 Waverly Drive). I have seen some amazing pieces here, for reasonable prices, however I’ve also seen unreasonable prices there too. Beware that parking is at a premium. The other place is the Salvation Army in Covina (1444 North Citrus Ave), which always has a very large selection of couches, chairs, and other furniture. Not always great stuff (lots of particle board entertainment centers) but on occasion, some really amazing stuff. I’ve never been to the St. Vincent, I’d love to go, if you ever need a thrifting buddy! :)

  • What a fantastic response. I will gladly check those places out. Covina is a little bit of haul, but did you see the Snow Capped Mountains this morning. So beautiful. Definitely makes the thought of driving around beside them a happy thought.

    And yes… I’m down for meeting up at St. Vincent de Pauls. Its right where the 5 and 110 meet up, so it could be a great place to start a day of thrifting.

    A Saturday after the holidays would probably be best!
    Thanks for the great response.

  • Hey There! Check out the Salvation Army in Van Nuys, it’s the one on Sepulveda. And that Salvation Army the previous commenter mentioned about in Pasadena is AWESOME! St. Vincent de Paul is hit or miss, surprisingly with the large selection. Good Luck!

  • Yes…the mountains are SPECTACULAR right now because of the rain. I’m in the eastern L.A. sprawl so those are the thrift stores I frequent.

    Email me when you want to go…I’m always willing to browse!

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