My Los Angeles friends, Join me at JAXON

JAXON COVER IMAGE 851Join us for live music, cocktails, appetizers and vintage arcade games
Thursday September 26th at 6:30 pm
8884 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Free parking lot behind the showroom off National Boulevard

Hi friends… Which of you home decor lovers are here in LA!? I feel like all of you could get excited about Jaxon Home, a beautiful home furnishings store located in the Helms Bakery district, just doors down from H.D. Buttercup!

Around here, we have day jobs, so The Estate of Things is really just a labor of love, a hobby blog where Sarah and I share our love for home style, yes even all of Sarah’s renovation work. It’s actually NUTS when I think about it, but she manages all of those intense and impressive home flips in her spare time outside of the 9-5 grind.

Meanwhile, I’ve recently made a little career shift, and my home decor hobby is siding up a little bit closer to the work day with this particular project. I’m super excited about working with Jaxon and I’m sure there will be more to come, but for now – I just wanted to holler at my LA homies to invite you on out to the JAXON HOME SITE LAUNCH and FALL LINE Announcement party next Thursday night, September 26th. The space is huge at 20,000 feet and it’s full of some of the loveliest couch craftmanship I’ve ever seen. It’s been an honor to meet Victoria Richter and her team and learn about their design process.

You should definitely come out for the evening to check out the new line, and have a glass of wine and enjoy some live music – swing on by anytime after 6pm. I’ll be there, so please come find me for a quick hello, or an opportunity to meet the incredible lady behind it all, just hit me up ahead of time if you are into it.

Victoria is mine and Sarah’s age, she is the shop owner, a mother of three, and half of the design duo (along with her husband) behind the line that is all manufactured here in downtown Los Angeles. She’s a very inspirational lady! Join us to celebrate her next step in her adventure. Not only is she releasing the new Fall line, but she’s also launching her first Ecommerce venture!

For those of you that aren’t in LA or can’t make it next Thursday, go ahead and get a look at the new site that we have built for Jaxon Home.



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