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Jelly Bracelets Chola StyleY’all! I have a new writing gig that I’ve picked up! Turns out – someone in Los Angeles thinks that I have style!

Yes, you might wonder what in the world I am doing contributing to the fashion section of Los Angeles Magazine. Rest assured, I won’t be the authority on the runway – they will leave that to the professionals. Rather–as it was explained to me  (by the admirable Deputy Editor, Nancy Miller) she is looking for voices that represent the everyday experience navigating Los Angeles lifestyle, someone that appears to have a strength of self and is curious about her surroundings! That sounds a bit more like something I can handle!

For now I’m starting out with a once weekly contribution to their Lifestyle and Fashion blog, The Clutch! Today we’ll be exploring the Vintage Shasta Camper Shenanigans and I’m sure soon we will get into some nerd culture due to my profession… or lack of one at the moment… (if you haven’t heard I quit my job.)

So, check out my first post to The Clutch Blog – and let me know if you have any jelly bracelets lying around and if you’re into the “Mi Vida Loca” look or not!Thanks for playing,


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