You’re too kind

One of our readers Amy emailed me and sent a link from Craigslist for the chairs I wanted from the Mary McDonald living room,

mary mcdonald red living room

Amy, could they be more spot on?!? and it’s a pair which is exactly what I need. The downside they are 5 hours away in D.C.

bamboo chair Craigslist DC

Picture me fallen to my knees, in the rain, screaming wwhhhyyyyyyyy. Thank you Amy!


And now a quick word from our sponsors!

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the MART Collective in Venice, CA. Come by and see us!

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  • Have her go by and pick them up for you and then meet her for dinner that evening.!! just thinking

  • Would 5 hours away really discourage you? I would be in my car and back….like right now! A great weekend road trip. Go!

  • yeah I’m not really much of an up and back kind of person, weekends are kind of packed with family stuff, cleaning, shopping and renovating so it does discourage me.

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