White Noise

WordPress and the interwebs have just ruined me temporarily. I had a fantastic post written that took me a chunk of time and I just realized it has dissapeared even though I saved it 5 million times while I was writing it.

What’s worse Massimo Vitali prints are on OKL again today and I skipped the chips at lunch. Salt in the wound.

massimo vitali malcesine sail OKL

Malcesine Sail, Massimo Vitali

I don’t currently have a category called “poop” but I’m really considering it.

And now a quick word from our sponsors!

The Estate of Things recently set up shop at
the MART Collective in Venice, CA. Come by and see us!

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  • I lol’ed at this post. Never had wordpress give me that issue… I’ve lost updates, but have always been able to find and restore some version of a post. As for the “poop” category, hopefully it’ll just have one post in it – that is unless you do a post on fashionable toilets or something :)

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