All I Want for Christmas

AlI I want for Christmas are these totally reasonable things. What’s on your list?

all i want for christmasThat dude looks like so much fun, I can barely breathe.

New House New RiverSome River Front Relaxation in 2015 will be perfect, hopefully we’ll settle up on the New River in NC.

Which leads me to some hangtime with this Bae.
Betsy and Sarah

Vaulted CeilingsI’ll take some vaulted ceilings in my stocking, pretty please!

And while you’re loading up the sled, please don’t forget my vintage camper & epic tree combo!Vintage Shasta Camper Dreaming

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  • This is a fantastic list. I’m flattered to have been included. DC also wants a puppy. Dan had to sit her down and explain that we informed Santa that our family wasn’t ready for a puppy yet.

  • When are y’all ready for a puppy again? It’s a lot of work.

    We lost Maggie just a few days ago. It is such a sad sad thing to go through, as I know you are well aware. It makes me wonder if can bear to go through it all again, but of course the years of love and companionship are so worth it. I don’t like the dog-less home as much as I like the jingle of a collar.

  • I’m sorry about Maggie. I think we’ll be ready for a puppy when we have a fence and then the tug of war will begin about which breed is best for us. We’re thinking about a large breed like Bernese or Newfie.

  • Thank you.
    I can’t wait till y’all get that fence! Maybe we’ll end up with puppies around the same time.
    I love both of those breeds. I love how cute those little Bernese bandit faces are. I love the Newfie most our lifestyle b/c they are low energy and so huge and adorable.
    We will be getting a puppy as soon as we find our new house.

  • Dan suggests Bernice for Bernese. But I think when puppy time comes we’ll more than likely end up with a boy named Rooney.

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