What’s been going on with me, well mostly painting or intending to and endless yard work. Don’t we always have good intentions of doing some home/design improvement. I’m full of good intentions when it comes to design.

The results of a recent Iphone unload,


What happens when paint isn’t stored according to the directions on the can? Peanut butter paint–this is Martha Stewart’s Rainwater. 

dining room paint samples

These are all the colors I’ve sampled in my dining room. 1. Glacier Lake 2. Stonewashed 3. In Your Eyes 4. Silver Crest 5. Pale Smoke 6. Healing Aloe 7. Palladian Blue 8. Iceberg 9. Martha Stewart’s Rainwater

Healing Aloe is in the lead!

dining room paint choices

Healing Aloe is in the middle.


Really like this pot my Mom bought on OKL, its by Evergreen. She planted Japanese Forest Grass in there which is an awesome plant, great for borders.


Still at Mom’s place, Irish Moss in a bright blue square planter, like the color contrast.


Agave popping off, sorry I don’t know the variety but could find out if you really want to know


Dan and I seriously considered this print at Anthropologie, we like bunnies


Love the vintage dresser I bought at a local thrift store for my office re-do, got to paint her glossy white–I think

Ben Moore's Blue Note

color happening in my office, Ben Moore’s Blue Note. Move over Hale Navy, this navy blue is fantastic


this is Ted, I bought this print from OKL, very pleased. I’m trying to collect mostly black + white art work to arrange over the bookcases in my living room, Ted is contributing to this effort.


Checking out some carpet for my Mom. Didn’t I see cheetah carpet in a little girl’s room recently?


 Oh and here’s my girl, Laney having fun under the IKEA play gym. Love that thing. 

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  • Three things I need from you:

    1. Need your help in coming up with a new color scheme for my hizzy.
    2. Need to see that navy color in your office along with that dresser. Why are you not hooking me up with any thrift finds? Geez.
    3. Need you to bring D and Laney Pooh for a visit.

    All of these things need to happen very soon.

    • 1. You gotta own that thing and then we’re gonna own that design
      2. Going to reveal the office when its dunzo
      3. I’m coming.

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