Pestering Pests

John Derian

Let’s talk about pest control for a minute or two…

Although eliminating pests in your house is not the sexiest of topics, it’s something most of us have to deal with and controlling pests is part of preserving the health of our homes—it’s important stuff. Sometimes I feel like I have to deal with it more than others because I always choose to live in older houses with extra nooks & crannies for pests to travel in through.

I find that my biggest pest problems are spiders, mice, miscellany insects, cockroaches and the occasional ant parade.
I want to take measures to prevent pests from getting in to my home in the first place and obviously you do too, so here are some great tips for prevention;

  • Seal cracks in the exterior of your home to keep pests out
  • Properly fit doors and windows with screens and weather stripping, and use mesh screens on ventilation openings for attics and crawl spaces
  • Properly ventilate your attic to make it inhospitable to roaches and other pests. This can also help improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Never leave uncovered food sitting out, including pet food, as it can attract pests
  • Store clothing in plastic bags or pouches to protect it from pests that damage fabric
  • Keep debris from piling up around your house. Stones, bricks, and even firewood can serve as a haven for rodents and other pests

These are all fantastic and really common sense tips. After reviewing the list I realized I was actually completing only one of those steps at our old house– not leaving uncovered food out. Although my husband does leave the pizza box out unrefrigerated and then he eats a slice the next day—do you know anyone who does that too? I think we should take an informal vote on eating unrefrigerated pizza leftovers.

So if you’re a more responsible homeowner than me and you’ve knocked out all of the preventative steps listed above and you still find yourself smacking a cockroach or two with your sneaker then it’s probably time to call a professional exterminator.

Also, y’all… this was a sponsored post, but we think it is valuable! 

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