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Let’s have a blog talk.

I found this image over Design Evolution and it made me wonder how Sarah’s glass lamp search was coming along. I thought to myself about how much interaction happens for me in the blog/facebook/twitter/IM realm. I continued to look at Design Evolution, she had a couple of neat posts from a few months ago about the Grey and Yellow color combo mixed in with Teal and Navy. It was kinda fun, you know how I love color. I also took some time to look at her mood boards. It was probably no more than a 5 minute escape into somebody else’s thoughts.

The Estate of Things chooses Design Evolution

It totally freaks me out how many great Interior Design Blog Posts I stumble upon when searching the internet. I mean there are SO many. Sarah does a really great job of remembering exactly what she sees on which ones, and which ones she goes back to. I’m trying to get regular about the ones I read, but I usually just go out to a few regs and then and let the rabbit lead me down the hole. I’ll subscribe to an RSS if I want to come back to one, but my Google Reader is out of control, it has so many!! I could make a full time job out of reading all of the blogs that I like on a regular basis. How about you!? How do you do it?

We have a Resources Directory Page here on TEOT where we try to bookmark the sites that we go back to regularly, and in thanks to Bromeliad for posting us as one of her blog awardees, Isuwannee for sending us tons of great link love, as well as and Compulsively Compiled – and several others – I figured the least I could do is work on a TEOT Friends Blogroll for the homepage. So, its on its way. Check out our links. If you are a blogger, please let us know who you are!!

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  • I picked up an olive green glass bodied lamp from a thrift store about a year ago along with a raw linen shade (still in it’s packaging). I continue to love this look, I especially appreciate the juxtaposition of the smooth lamp shape against the texture of the shade. The lamp body itself was from IKEA (though I don’t believe it’s still available) and the shade from some standard home decor store. I put a large yellow plastic Indian in the body of mine to add another element – might work best for a little boy’s room – though it’s in my living room.

  • Oh, goodness. A rabbit hole that ends in a rat’s nest. Shortcuts everywhere. A link list to the moon. Assorted rabbit droppings. Memory loss. Weight gain.

  • I was searching through Google doing research for a blog article, when I found this blog, and while not what I was exactly looking for I found it very informative and interesting and all the featured lamps are gorgeous. Thanks Chelsea xx

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