Chances are you’ve already seen Tord Boontje’s Shadowy Chair because it’s everywhere.

tord boontje shadowy chair

If you had the cash to buy it, would you? And where would you put it?

We’d be much obliged if you would comment here– I’m seriously wondering why this chair has taken off and I’d like to hear if you love it and why because it looks like a praying mantis to me…

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  • I’m sorry, but no. No way. I’m a little embarrassed that people actually want that.

    I revise. Maybe, MAYBE, in a really crazy colorful kids room would that be okay. But that’s a big maybe.

  • One word – HIDEOUS! But I agree with Jamie, if I had to put it somewhere it would be in a kid’s room to add bold color and interest.

  • Perhaps a little silly, but I suppose some people like stuff simply cause its outrageious. I guess the thing with this chair is that the shape of it isn’t particularly pleasant to look at on its own. These colors are a little audacious too – its just screaming a little too loud at me. I would be interested to see them in some context though.

    I imagine a really lush over grown tropical garden corner – with two of the green ones shoved back into the foliage. They may not be as banal there, and then the anthropomorphic (DING!) quality would be interesting if not evocative.

  • I’ve seen it everywhere too and I have no idea why people like it so much?! I about fell off my couch when I saw the price tag!! It looks like a cheap outdoor chair on acid – maybe suitable for the Big Lots version of the Mad Hatter…??

  • ModernSauce-I think you’re on to something, the chair would be superb for your next Alice in Wonderland themed party.

  • i was going to say that maybe i’d buy it if i was Willy Wonka – but someone beat me to the Tim Burton joke.

  • As a parent with 2 kids( ages 9 and 6) I have to say I would NEVER put that chair in my kids rooms. The price is CRAZY, and it does look like something you would find at a discount store ( B/c NO ONE wanted it.) I showed the post to Gena ( my 9 year old) and asked if she wanted one for her room. Her answer was a “NO WAY.”

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