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serial scene of crime

When Betsy first told me about it a few weeks ago she said “I’ve got to tell you about something that is right up your alley, it’s a podcast but who ever got excited about a podcast!” This one is different.

It is a story presented week by week about a 1999 murder of a bright and lovely high school girl named Hae Min Lee. It is a compelling story and at many times disheartening, sad and frustrating to say the least. Some say Serial is revolutionary in it’s presentation and format. What’s even more compelling for me is that I was the same age as the kids tangled in this tragedy, I went to high school in the late 1990s, I too listened to KC & JoJo and my journal was filled with roller coaster emotions. I love him the most—I hate him. And I had a car phone.

Betsy and I have chosen to dig in to the Serial SubReddit. Some people aren’t in to that but there are other resources and hardy conspiracy talk there just in case you can’t wait for next week.


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