LA Apt Punch List

Sarah’s been holding it down on the blog…. and lots of people in my life have asked me if I’m ever gonna write again! I can’t answer to the future. However, I’m here today – and I’m stealing Sarah’s punch list idea – cause I like the accountability.

The Treehouse
This is a pic of the Treehouse before the punch list gets knocked out… (Also, I’m playing with a service from CameraBag, free trial mode for now until I decide if I want to pull the trigger! It’s fun stuff.)

My roomate and I always joke about how we are civilized modern women. We are both in our late twenties (ahem…) and we are both still perching our belongings on top of Tupperware storage boxes that are serving as side tables and night stands…. no joke, see pic for proof.

I’m supposed to be more creative than that. But what I realize, is that in the hustle of working as hard as I can to kick ass at my job and my hobbies out here, as well as taking advantage of every opportunity to live life fully and enjoyably…. its hard to get the stuff done around the house that I need to do to make Kate not hate me – since I demanded upon agreeing to move in with her, that she let me make all the decor decisions. Seriously though – when she stops to think about it…. she hates me. Its gone on too long.

SO – Here is my Punch List for the Treehouse.

  1. Frame out the black chalkboard on the little Kitchen wall.
  2. oh yeah, and re-paint w/ chalkboard paint, cause i don’t think i did a good job first go round
  3. I LOVE LISTS……!!!
  4. AND buy some chalk…. geez.
  5. Get another pint of bright Yellow paint & put a final coat on the Living Room end table
  6. Wash the FLOR rug tiles, dry them and adhere them to the floor in the hallway for no more slipping
  7. Re-Upholster the seats of the Dining Room Chairs (oh my God I’m so slack, that’s SUCH an easy project, why do I suck?)
  8. Pleat the Beauty & the Beast curtains…… and then swap the hanging hardware out. Kinda need to buy some more panels.
  9. Hang the two floating Ikea shelves above the record player (or buy an antique secretary, pssssshhhh!!)
  10. Get my friend Meredith to install an original and totally organic art installation over my blue couch
  11. Wash the Blue Couch cover
  12. Find some tree branches to make one of those Anthropologie crepe cherry blossom trees (lofty ideas, maybe Ruth Aida will come over and help me, why doesn’t she blog anymore?)
  13. Buy and hang some white curtains for the balcony
  14. RePaint the Jimmy (aka Warren) – b/c I got a little saucy one night and thought it would be a good idea to paint it with chalkboard paint, WTH was I thinking….?
  15. Buy a $40 Ikea rug, tape a geometric pattern off and paint it black/white/yellow & hot pink……. !!!
  16. Go to ChinaTown and buy a 36″ paper lantern cause that’s huge – and put it anywhere….. probably over the dining table…..
  17. Get a taller bed….. I’m a grown ass woman, why do I sleep on a low profile platform?
  18. Spray paint the $100 worth of Cabinet hardward that I bought 5 months ago – a GLOSSY BLACK, and replace the hardware in our tiny kitchen
  19. Find an interesting (and better lit) option for a pendant to hang over the sink in the kitchen

There is more.. I didn’t even make it down the hall to my bedroom or my bathroom. Let the progress commence!

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  • can we have a furniture hunting day next weekend? I have a punch list of my own and it involves buying some (affordable) furniture. Also, maybe you’ll feel better to know I sleep on a mattress on the floor. still. ugh.

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