Seriously, its time to sit around on Patios

It was really fun to see that our friend Jamie over at I Suwannee posted a pic that Sarah literally carries around the house with her.

The Estate of Things chooses I Suwannee

Last time I came to check out the Bungalow 404 Renovation (which seemed to get finished up really quickly btw) Sarah was pining for this. Haha. even at the bar, a conversation with a friend getting his start with his own landscaping company, I could see the wheels turning in her head..

Meanwhile, I’m trying desperately to make some decisions about my own back patio. Last summer I had a ton of fill dirt hauled in and we shaped up a level spot for a more linear patio just off the back deck. The spring is welcoming in some healthy grass finally…! This image from Sarah’s outdoor furniture post has provided me with some decision making  inspiration. (Same furniture, same concept – just a different shape). Funny huh!?

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  • Man do I love that circular patio! and hey in the 2nd image they actually left that Ikea wicker out to get weathered.

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