Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

I’m so proud of myself. My raised bed vegetable garden has got to be the most fertile and seed ready vegetable garden in the hood.

I went to Lowe’s and picked up 4 2x6x10 planks, Burpee Seed packages for my chosen veggies, and uh 38 bags of top soil and hummus. I loaded them up into my Volkswagen Golf and tied down the hatchback like a true professional.

Putting the box together was super easy and only required a little bit of ingenuity as there were some gaping holes at the base where my chosen spot had a little dip in the yard. I dammed them up with some landscaping rocks and I will just pray that the rain can’t wash away my hard work. The tough part was unloading and spreading the soil. I layed down newspaper and spread the composted mulch along the bottom. Next came some lime to tone down the acidity of the pine bark, and then bag after bag of soil and hummus mix made its way in. Its so pretty y’all.  Tonight I will get a few of my little seedlings started indoors and I’m looking forward to the next weekend that I can get out there and sow everyone in.

So, even the Obama’s are gardening. If you are into it, meet my new friend: The Home Garden Blog
I read through several posts this evening and learned more about my green endeavors from this blog. I’m super excited about his advice for planting tomatoes and I felt completely affirmed after reading his posts about composting and building his raised bed garden boxes.
I learned about The Home Garden Blog from the blog ThisYoungHouse.com (who we love to death), they are both participating in the 48 hour challenge. Check it out!

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  • Hey Betsy…..you must try hay bale gardening….much less labor intensive….I hope you reap as much as you sow :)

  • The bed looks great! Don’t worry about the unevenness under the bed. You can dam it up like you did or add soil and dirt. I’ve used overturned chunks of sod before to stop up those holes. You may want to get one more board to lay flat across the middle to help you reach all the veggies in the middle of the bed. Thanks for the link!

  • hi! i started a raised herb garden last year and have added 3 more beds this year. I have a large yard so I chose 2x4x8 and love it. They cost me about $15 wood, $15 hardware, and about $30 to fill. I had an amazing herb garden last year, so this year I’m expecting as much! Good luck!

  • Caroline. Are your herbs in a shady part of the yard!? Did you start from seed?
    My herbs from seed are getting fried… So I went and purchased some established plants and just potted them on the shady porch. I hope they’ll do better.
    I’m no green thumb and all of this is trial and error.

    The rest of the garden is doing really well though. My lima beans are soo pretty and everyone is growing nicely. I’m gonna have enough tomatoes for a small village.

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